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Iceland wedding – Andi & Ravi

“We rarely have done anything traditionally so an Iceland wedding just seemed perfect….” Ravi and Andi met through the increasingly standard manner of online-dating. Ravi was Andi’s very first match on and while they dated for a brief while, they reconnected years later via another internet dating site making them both certain that the universe wanted…

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Jara & Aleksei / Põhjaka Mõis

“We met in London in 2013, when our friend invited us to the gig where he was playing the drums. However, the most interesting fact that we are both from Tallinn and our parents knew each other before, they have been friends for years.” “We wanted to make our wedding day special and celebrate it with…

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Johanna & Valdur Rosenvald

Valdur Rosenvald’s side of story I met Johanna for the first time in Kolgata congregation in 2011. She sat there with Reelika and after the service I went to meet them. Turned out they were ladies for Saaremaa who had come to the mainland to study. Soon me and Johanna started to see each other…

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So Close To Magic / Weddings 2016

I wanted to name the gallery, again, “The very best of weddings 2016…” but, it is far from the best. It is just the fraction of those tens of thousands of photographs taken so close to magic at weddings. So close to home and so far away from home. Last year, though, was by far…

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Iceland Elopement – Lisa & Rob

“The story of how we first met wouldn’t be considered “romantic” by any one. I met Rob one night when we were both working as junior night shift doctors- I remember being called to an emergency on one of my ward patients only to find some guy I had never met before sticking a needle…

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