French wedding // Cynthia & Arnaud

Two days of pure awesomeness in France. French wedding in the woods in Eastern-France. Cynthia wrote me about the same time a year ago and invited me to come and photograph their wedding in the woods where are the wolves. Everything started from a joke between Cynthia and me but finally… the wolves were there. Don’t know what i’m talking about? Just scroll down and see the whole gallery.

I almost fell in love with France. Hmm, yes I am. I was there only three days and I hope to go back anytime soon. Three really fast days for me, but I had such a great time with Cynthia and Arnaud and with everybody else who were invited into the wedding from around the world. I was there the day before the ceremony and when I got there the preparations were in full bloom. I really have to praise Joana, Cynthia’s sister who were basically the heart of everything in there from the decorations to the idea to invite me into her sister’s wedding. You can check Joanas stories along with more details on her blog (Part I and Part II).

Sit back, take your time and ride along with us through two days. This was the last days of August, year 2013.


Photography: Mait Jüriado / M&J Studios
Wedding planner and designer – Joana (from YMFKTB)
Florist – the birde’s mum and Joana
Ceremony and Reception location – Soultzerkopf
Dress designer – Laure de Sagazan


I want you at my wedding!

Its sweet and beautiful. Great shots all of them.

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