M&J Studios on pulma- ja portreestuudio, keda juhib auhinnatud rahvusvaheline portree- ja pulmafotograaf Mait Jüriado. M&J Studios missiooniks on pakkuda kõige kõrgematasemelist pulma-, portreefotograafiat ning teenindust oma klientidele nii Eestis kui ka välismaal. Mait Jüriado on pulmafotograaf, kes alati otsib uut võttenurka ja kelle pulmad ning portreed on kõik täis loomingulisust ja viimistletust ning on unikaalsed nagu ei miski muu. Kuigi ta pildistab põhiliselt pulmi Eestis, on tema kliendid Euroopas ning üle terve maailma ning ta sageli reisib pulma- ja portreetöödeks. Ta on pildistanud pulmi ja portreesid Islandil, Prantsusmaal, Rootsis, Hispaanias, Soomes, Ameerika Ühendriikides, Tsehhi Vabariigis, Saksamaal, Indoneesias ning Kreekas. Tema pulmapildid on jõudnud lugematutesse pulmablogidesse üle kogu maailma.

Mait ja tema meeskond loob kordumatut kunstitööd, mis on ajatu, loominguline, lahe, siiras ning vahetu – segu fotoreportaazist ning kaunitest kunstidest. Tõeline visuaalne pildijutustamine. Kuigi Mait nimetab end illusionistiks, armastab ta kõige enam ausat ning siirast portreed.

Mait Jüriado on võitnud rohkelt auhindu. 2015. aasta suvel hindas NIKON tema ühe islandi pulmaloo maailma TOP35-e parima pulmaloo hulka tipptasemel ülemaailmsel fotovõistlusel”I am wedding storyteller“. Aastal 2014 nimetati ta baltikumi parimaks pulmafotograafiks rahvusvahelisel “I Am Photographer” fotofestivalil, kus tema pulmareportaaźi foto “Between” valiti aasta pulmafotoks.

Mait on saadavalt nii portree- kui ka pulmapildistamisteks üle terve maailma. Pulmapakettide ja portreesessioonide kohta saab temalt julgelt küsida alloleva kontaktivormi kaudu, kirjutades info@mjstudios.co või helistades +372 52 19 880

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Honestly, I cannot recommend Mait enough. We were extremely lucky to have him as our wedding photographer - he was so polite, friendly, enthusiastic and accommodating, and we ended up with pictures completely out of this world. Of course it helped that we were in Iceland, where Mait had been before. We planned out a loose itinerary, with the option to spend another day together should the weather not play ball, which was a wonderful decision as it allowed us to travel further and capture more amazing landscapes. We wanted pictures to capture the day and us honestly, and Mait delivered the most stunning and dramatic set that not only showed us from our best sides, but also reflected who we were inside. We truly can't thank him enough, and are so happy we ended the adventure as friends!
Maja & Patrick
Mait is an artist and beyond serving as an amazing guide through southern Iceland, he captured our trip and wedding in Iceland in such an epic and unrivaled way. Mait helped make our experience unforgettable and we have our amazing photos to remind us of this experience forever.
Ravi & Andi
Mait is a fabulous photographer. His approach is open and spontaneous, which made our session super easy and relaxed. He has a great eye and intuitive understanding of what is desired. The results speak for themselves. In fact, one of the photos from this session made it to the cover of my CD! I am certain that I will work with Mait again.
Yoon Chung
Mait has the extraordinary ability to bring out something magical, sincere and organic about his subjects. While being positive and enthusiastic he is also very honest as an artist which makes him easy to trust and work with. A skilled, multitalented photographer whose photographs are mesmerizing and have always something timeless about them regardless of the fearless and novel approach. During our very first shoot together he was standing barefoot on slippery rocks in a stream while I was posing in the aerial silks hung under a bridge, so yes.. he'd be up for anything! I have used his photographic services ever since and will continue to do so.
Kadri Hansen
We received a romantic photoshoot with M&J studios as a Christmas gift. I must say, it was the best gift ever. We spent an hour or so walking on the beach. It was all natural, nothing staged. Mait, the photographer, was having a friendly talk with us while taking pictures. It was super romantic, much fun and we felt very relaxed. We received photos very quickly, I think we only had to wait for 2-3 weeks. With M&J studios, each photo we received was relevant, unique and well-edited, there were just enough for us to enjoy! Not too many, not too few. I was absolutely delighted with the result. I would definitely recommend M&J studios, especially if you want a really high quiality photoshoot for your wedding or as a romantic gift, if you want to work with extremely professional photographers who offer you the most personalised approach ever. 10 out of 10 🙂
Lyudmila Lux
Me and my wife had an opportunity to get ourselves some amazing photos in Iceland. So your first thought may be that this island with all it's nature has everything to shoot the most beautiful pictures. That's all true but on the other hand the beauty of nature is only a bonus, you'll need a professional photographer who Mait really is. The best soccer referees are unnoticed during the game. In my opinion this idea goes well with photography because we felt Mait really wanted us to shine and enjoy being in front of his camera. Driving along the coast of Iceland Mait knew where to stop and take pictures. We were totally satisfied with all the photos.
Lauri Lend
Mait is far more than a photographer. With his background in music, he approaches his subjects -- whether in my case my wife and children, or my string quartet, whose professional shots Mait took for us -- with the goal in mind of creating a completely unified, organic composition. He has that gift of a great photographer for making subjects feel natural, comfortable, and at ease, and then with his friendly manner and creative view of the world, transforms the very art of photography into something far greater than the sum of its parts. I recommend him most highly and can't wait to visit this summer with my family for some new pictures!
Jason Calloway
Let me begin by saying that in my opinion Mait is not just another photographer. He is an award-winning Artist who uses the medium of photography to freeze time. In addition to the photos being of superb quality, each one of the photos conveys a story and make you wonder how or where that story began or how it’ll end. To me, a good photograph instills an emotion. That emotion could be just a warm-fuzzy feeling or one that makes you say - “oh wow, now that’s a good photograph”. Besides, you know it’s good stuff when you look at a picture and you feel like you need to go back for a second, a third, a fourth look... Mait pulls all of these qualities off with ease making each one of the photos a timeless work of art. I used to have the opinion of “why would I want to look at someone’s wedding photos who I don’t even know”. His unique style has reversed my opinion. Think about it this way – a photographer can offer you a single story by means of a photo shoot. Having been an art photography aficionado for a long time, I feel that Mait has the ability to offer you an entire storybook, not just one single story as the traditional photographers would have you.
Tiit Lukk
Can't recommend M&J Studios more, if you want beautiful and artistic photos! The whole photoshoot was fun and exciting, but also very professional. Mait had a lot of creative ideas how to make your photos look like a real masterpiece! My best photoshoot experience!!!
Aleksandra Ilves


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