French wedding – Käsmu / Estonia

Beautiful place called Käsmu in Estonia was, for a week end, the meeting point for many countries. Bride and groom friends joined them from all around the world. From South Corea, Vietnam, Honduras, Réunion Island, USA, Congo, Turkey, Norway, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Belgium and of course from France. Their wedding celebration started in the French Embassy in Tallinn where they had their first “yes”, cocktail party at the same day in Käsmu, wedding ceremony on the next day there and by that time when I had to leave them there were two more days ahead of them full of joy and happiness.

“We met in Honduras as we were both working there. It was july 2008. His proposal was really funny, it was in a plane last october, we were flying to Istanbul. The ring were in the air sickness bag! Very funny,” said the bride. Probably it’s one of the funniest proposal stories I’ve heard. As they are now both working in Estonia for some years they invited all their friends and family from all around the world to here, to Käsmu. “We were inspired by simplicity and nature, nothing too complicated,” said the bride.

Some magic happened during those days. During the night I woke up many times because of the heavy shower. The day before The Day I drove with some french people to Käsmu and they were talking about how this kind of weather here in Estonia is more or less one of the best so far what they have had because of the bad weather in France. And when it was raining the whole night I was thinking: “right, at least they gonna see the REAL Estonian rainy summer”. How pity. But then, after the morning shower, everything turned nice. Step by step during the day the sun came out and just before the ceremony there were full dark bluish clouds far away while the sunshine warmed the ceremonie’s location – a photographers dream! The location in Käsmu was pure awesomeness. Bedrooms were still like from the old-old times, the smell, the buildings, fences, tables and kids playground – like from the early 80s. Two really relaxed and beautiful days.

Here’s their story…

Photography | Mait Jüriado Photography

Photographer’s assistant | Keili Tees

Florist | family and friends! They bought the flowers in the market and picked some in some fields around Käsmu!

Ceremony Location | French Embassy in Tallinn

Ceremony and Party Location | Käsmu – Estonia

Wedding Planner | Mihkel Salm and Mari-liis Käärt

DJ | Andreas Kask

Dress Designer | Mme Chartier – France

Dress Salon | Marie Peccoud – a friend!

Other Details/Vendors | Hand Made wedding! Thanks to all of our family and friends!

Catering : Tervise catering


Je viens de regarder le reportage de votre mariage et je reste complètement sous le charme!!!
Remarquable diaporama de photos dignes de stars…que de beauté, de bonne humeur et de tendresse!
Je ne suis pourtant pas surprise, car je savais que cela ne pouvait être autrement: je n’avais pas mis longtemps pour apprécier toutes vos qualités qui se reflètent dans vos visages et vos attitudes et dont vous savez si bien faire profiter tous ceux qui vous approchent…

Que la vie vous apporte l’accomplissement de vos désirs les plus secrets
Amitié sincère,

See pulmafotode seeria on muidugi minu kõige lemmikum! Mind väga siiralt huvitab, mida pruut luges, et ta nii ennastunustavalt naeris? See on pulma parim foto 🙂

Kui tuttav koht 🙂 Tõi kõik mälestused jälle “lives” meelde 🙂
Ja no lugu mis sa oled jäädvustanud on jumalik!

Vapustav… Mait, Sa oled tõesti talent! Ja kuidas Sa suutsid korraga olla mitmes kohas, näiteks võtted paadis ja samal ajal kaldal… Ja kuidas kaks luike sinna kohe kõige õigemal momendil said? No see oli üks mu elu huvitavaim pulm, ausõna, sest sain justkui isegi seal kohal olla. Suur aitäh! :)))

Nicolas Blanchard