Headshots of Viktor

This post is about him, the Skywalker, kick-ass actor from TorontoViktor Lukawski. Trained in Paris to have superhuman physical abilities, he’s just daring enough to walk that line between inspired and crazy. “Apparently, my first experience in theatre was in the first grade. There were many kids in my class who had middle names, and I didn’t want to stand out, so I made one up. But the real kicker is the middle name that I chose: “Skywalker.” I must have seenStar Wars the week before, and I successfully convinced my teacher that my full name was Viktor Skywalker Lukawski. My parents still have the paper to prove it!”

“To be honest, I’d be willing to perform in a closet, as long as I’d be working with talented and kind-hearted artists.”

(from the interview for Myentertainmentworld.ca)

Viktor_Lukawski_portrait_headshots_M&J_Studios_Mait_Jüriado-02 Viktor_Lukawski_portrait_headshots_M&J_Studios_Mait_Jüriado-03 Viktor_Lukawski_portrait_headshots_M&J_Studios_Mait_Jüriado-04 Viktor_Lukawski_portrait_headshots_M&J_Studios_Mait_Jüriado-05 Viktor_Lukawski_portrait_headshots_M&J_Studios_Mait_Jüriado-06 Viktor_Lukawski_portrait_headshots_M&J_Studios_Mait_Jüriado-07