Iceland Elopement – Lisa & Rob

“The story of how we first met wouldn’t be considered “romantic” by any one. I met Rob one night when we were both working as junior night shift doctors- I remember being called to an emergency on one of my ward patients only to find some guy I had never met before sticking a needle into my patient’s neck! After that incident we kept bumping into each other all around the hospital, and things grew from there.”

“Two years later we spun a globe, shut our eyes, and a finger landed on Iceland. We spent ten days road tripping around Iceland and fell in love with the place- the changing weather, the extreme landscapes, and the desolate empty spaces. We climbed down fissures, swam in natural hot springs, chased waterfalls, looked for elves, and watched the sun set over an ice lagoon in the company of curious seals. When we left we vowed that we would always return one day.”

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“The decision to elope to Iceland was an obvious one for us- to run away together to a far off magical land and get legally married with no one else around was the most romantic and adventurous way we could have done it, and it suited our personalities perfectly.”

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“Like some weddings, ours didn’t go quite to plan. Two weeks before we were due to fly to Iceland I had pneumonia and was nearly hospitalized, and spent my time in Iceland fighting exhaustion. The night before our wedding day we found out that Mait’s flight to Iceland had been cancelled with no idea when he would arrive the next day. We woke up on the morning of our mid-summer wedding to a storm, and it continued to rain heavily all day. Our celebrant was on standby, we couldn’t have the ceremony at the time and site we had picked, and we had to cancel our post-ceremony lunch.”

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“We had heard of a secret, blue waterfall, and we set out to go find it (without any directions), with doubts as to whether it truly existed. We waded ankle-deep through mud in what felt like the middle of nowhere, turned the corner and were suddenly looking over the hidden waterfall! It had stopped raining by then, and we held hands and exchanged vows surrounded by all that blue water- it was crazy, perfect, and surreal- and would not have happened if everything had “gone to plan.”

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“We love that Iceland has truly become part of our story, and that little blue waterfall will always hold a special place in our hearts. For two awkward souls about to embark on a lifetime of adventures together, there was truly no better way for us to begin.”

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“After the wedding we had our honeymoon in Snaefellsnes and the Westfjords- a part of Iceland we hadn’t seen before. We drove around with our wedding cake (a traditional kransakaka) on the back seat of our car, snacking on it in between adventures (because we never got to eat it on our actual wedding day!). As we travelled around, kind strangers (locals and tourists) would stop to give us marriage advice and well wishes.”

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Wedding Planner: Love Iceland www.wedding.is
Officiant: Pall Agust Olafsson
Flowers: Sjafnarblom (Selfoss)
Kransakaka: Geirabakari (Selfoss)
Dress, veil and headpiece: Anna Campbell (Melbourne)- www.annacampbell.com.au
Bespoke suit: Braddon Tailors (Canberra)- www.braddontailors.com
Hair: Onix Har (Reykavik)- Karlotta Hjaltadottir
Rings: Tiffany & Co.