Merit & Douglas / Estonian-English Wedding

As some of my couples before Merit & Douglas also found each other far away from Estonia. They met in Melbourne in Australia. “We were both backpacking in Australia at the time. We started hanging out, then travelling together and well the rest is history.” Doug is from the UK, Merit is the Estonian girl. The wedding took place at one quite unusual place in Northern Estonia called Padise Monastery not far from Tallinn. Lots of great fun and moments with the friends (a lot of my friends at the wedding too) and family from UK and Estonia.

Be sure to check out some of their quotes between the photos below.


Photography | Mait Jüriado Photography

Video | Kristiin Kõosalu

Florist | Hille Rosenberg

Ceremony Location | Padise Monastery in Estonia

Party Location | Padise Monastery in Estonia

Hair | Krista Adrat

Make up | Kaia Triisa

Bride’s Shoes | Iron Fist

Music credit: Gabrielle Aplin – Home


“Doug proposed to me on the night of my birthday, in bed, while cuddling. To me it was completely unexpected but as I later found out he had planned it for a while.” 



“Doug wrote the whole ceremony text himself, just sat down, took 45 minutes and it was ready. No books or internet or anythings else. He told me he knew exactly what he wanted to say and promise. It was beautiful and I must admit, very moving.”



Doug: “I love the way we do things our own way, we don’t ever feel that we have to conform to other people’s ideas or expectations. We do what’s right for us. The vows and ceremony were a good example of this. Completely ours.”



Merit: “I wanted to be different and a bit quirky, so these Bright Side signs seemed perfect. All the other decorations were made around these. My good friends helped me make lots of the decorations – thanks, girls!!! And my mum and aunt also put a lot of effort and craft into invitations and wedding stationary. My mum Aita was the main person who helped us to organise everything.”



What about something silly or quirky? “When talking to each other, we quite often mix random Estonian, German or other foreign words, sentences or expressions in our everyday conversation that obviously is held in English. In these moments most people around us would have no idea what we’re saying.”



Palju õnne pruutpaari röövlite poolt! TOre oli kogemata nende piltide otsa komistada:)

BOOM – what an incredible day and such amazing photos!! Thank you so much, Mait Jüriado!!! 🙂