M&J Studios is OPEN!

Did you know that the most awesome room in M&J Studios is the tube room?

I’m very happy to announce that M&J Studios cozy studio-gallery is open! From zero to the small details. The idea of my own studio have stood in me for a long time but the need after my own space jumped out in the fall of last year. I really wanted a nice place first for my clients and then the studio in a classical way.  I was in a search of the place for almost a year before I found the right one. When I step inside into this worn out place I was pretty sure this is it – It was built in the rooms of the old paper factory. Basically inside and around the big chimney. Brick walls with a nice city view made it a perfect place to finish my vision of M&J Studios studio-gallery.

It is a perfect place to meet my clients, grab a nice coffee, look and talk about the photos. It also has very good abilities to photograph headshots, from single portraits to smaller groups and organise some various events and workshops. The bigger studio room has spacious 80m2 + big client room and administrative rooms. Soon there will be also a kitchen and you can even take a shower:) The studio is equipped with the high-end ProFoto stuff.

The space is also available to rent for various events. Space is large enough to house at least 15-20 people.

You are more than welcomed to visit the studio-gallery! Drop me an e-mail or call. Let’s grab a nice coffee and talk about the photos! Or take some!

M&J-Studios-02 M&J-Studios-03 M&J-Studios-04 M&J-Studios-05 M&J-Studios-07 M&J-Studios-08 M&J-Studios-09 M&J-Studios-10 M&J-Studios-11 M&J-Studios-12 M&J-Studios-13 M&J-Studios-14 M&J-Studios-15 M&J-Studios-16 M&J-Studios-17 M&J-Studios-18 M&J-Studios-19 M&J-Studios-20 M&J-Studios-21 M&J-Studios-22 M&J-Studios-23 M&J-Studios-24 M&J-Studios-25 M&J-Studios-26 M&J-Studios-27

Before and after…

M&J-Studios-28 M&J-Studios-29


Can I move in!? 🙂

This has some style, we’ll be there next week, can’t wait to see the studio and meet you!