The Conductor – Risto Joost

I’ve been working with Risto quite many times in the past. A true, maximalist and passionate artist, one of the greatest young and highly working talents who favours radical and immediate approach to whatever he does. He is a conductor of the Estonian National Opera since 2009, the chief conductor of the Netherlands Chamber Choir since the season 2011/12, the chief conductor of the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra beginning from autumn 2013 and the artistic director and conductor of the MDR Radio Choir beginning from the season 2015/16.


Risto_Joost_The_Conductor_Mait_Juriado_M&J_Studios-02 Risto_Joost_The_Conductor_Mait_Juriado_M&J_Studios-03 Risto_Joost_The_Conductor_Mait_Juriado_M&J_Studios-04 Risto_Joost_The_Conductor_Mait_Juriado_M&J_Studios-05 Risto_Joost_The_Conductor_Mait_Juriado_M&J_Studios-06 Risto_Joost_The_Conductor_Mait_Juriado_M&J_Studios-07