The wave “crashes” the couple

When it comes to one of the most memorable wedding moments I’ve experienced this year this one definitely tops the list. Helve and Jason are both living in Florida but they decided to get married in Tallinn. The weather was crazy, cold and windy, not quite the same as in Florida so they both had quite an experience holding up during our shoot. After we spend some time on the seaside we started heading back to the city. The mole we were at is probably the most popular place in Tallinn to go for the wedding shots and I typically avoid it with all costs (as there’s few couples or people hanging around there every time I pass it).

This time was different. I have never screamed that loud while pressing the shutter click-click-click, ten frames per second. I was sure at first place they got soaked and all I could do is just clicking. One could ask 1) you gonna save your couple? 2) you take the shot? After few moments and screams they were well, just got flew splashes in it and great memory and experience. Happy we were.

Those of you who are wondering was it safe? Yes it was. The were in a safe distance and the place was carefully picked. But the wave still came suddenly out of nowhere.

Do you see a woman in the upper wave? This was the second wave we catch.



FANTASTIC!!!! Great photo and Pedro and I were enjoying the GIF of the wave… Awesome photo session!!!!