Travelling with Kim in Estonia

This journey has been one of the most extraordinary journeys I’ve been. One day I got a call from Kim who wanted to travel to Estonia. Rather taking selfies and snapshots with his own camera, he wanted me to come along with him and show him the best of Estonia. Not so common request I might say and I actually quite didn’t believe it when I saw him at the airport, travelling from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Kim is the world traveller. A very well known guy in his country. Wherever he goes, he will get some stunning images and stories. His request was to get the best what Estonia can offer. So we travelled five days (yes, that’s right – five days in a row!)  in Northern-Estonia, some isles as well, Saaremaa and Muhumaa, swamps and bumpy roads around northern and western part of Estonia. This is far from seeing everything in Estonia but we saw and experienced some fantastic places. Few of them are really my favourite places in Estonia but others we just found out when we were hitting the road. We never knew what will be ahead in the next day other that the direction and few landmarks.

Through this image series I really wanted to show how I really see Estonia. How I see a foreigner in my estonian-images.  Those images are very dear to me, not only because I met Kim with his sometimes insane, crazy stories around the world but because Estonia itself. Nothings better than to show the beauty of my own country. I hope you can get a sense of it and when you ever hesitate to come, check again, this is one wonderful country to visit, live in and dream of. And remember, this is only one tiny part of it.

In case you want to follow Kim and his journeys, check out his Facebook. Some inspiration guaranteed everyday!

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Oi kui ilusad ja unikaalsed pildid!

Beautiful photos of a beautiful country.

very nice

Mulle meeldis see pilt, kus Kim on nagu pisike inimene pisikeste kivide peal

Vapustavalt ilusad pildid!