Wedding: Anna & Johannes

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Anna & Johannes wedding day was my dream come true. I was able to have a wedding session what was in my mind for a long time – water. I was not available the day before their actual wedding day so we met a day after in another side of Estonia in Rõuge. I knew before there’s the deepest lake in Estonia and I think it was my second letter when I proposed Johannes to have something in the water. He agreed. Of course in case if it’s a nice warm day. It was a blessing as the day was gorgeous and warm for this kind of action. Because it was not their actual wedding day we had plenty of time and I knew it’s my chance now or never. Luckily, they agreed right away for going into water. Not with the wedding dress as it was too fragile, but still!

We had first so-called “normal” wedding session. Then, the whole family joined us. You can see some of the family photos below. Johannes is the oldest kid from the 8-kid family. Can you believe it? Eight kids!!! All of them are musicians by the way. Both Anna and Johannes are playing cello. This is my second 8-kid family during the year and I feel double blessed because of that. After the family photos we jumped into the lake. After the hot day it was just “ou-my-thats-so-good” feeling. We just had fun! And, Anna and Johannes radial shine and beauty was like refreshed 🙂 So did our body and soul. We are still remembering the day with my lover who came with me at that day with warm words as it was just a perfect day for us.

Music credit: Max Richter – Spring 1


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