Dear friends, it’s time to thank! We’ve been married three weeks now and we are still thrilled how wonderful wedding day we had. Wedding planning is not easy though. We started planning late, just couple of months before and autumn were of course a wonderful pick – the weather was blessed and so were us.

I can imagine how big deal is to organise your weddings. Being in this business for many years I could imagine, but I didn’t expect it can be such a big thing to organise. There were of course plenty of rush and nervous days and planning, but we pretty much knew what we want. And what we don’t want was also very clear. I definitely do understand my couples much more what is it all about to plan your wedding day. One thing what is a must in your day – do not organise things at at your wedding day, just be beautiful and enjoy your day 100%! We did. It’s your day!

Tip for the future couples: do not ask for flowers, ask for candles! The flowers will be gone in two weeks but you will burn the candles for 10 years! We asked for it and we are really happy about it:)

We so much want to thank all of these people who were around us at that day!

* Stina Kase photography – who took our wonderful wedding photos (including all the photos below).

* Videographer Oliver Remma – a great man with the great 25 frames per sec! (check out his video below).

* Our wedding MC’s Sigrid and Ranno – we wouldn’t have made it without you. You should change your profession soon! Thank you for everything!

* NYMF Moestuudio – Rael’s wonderful-wonderful dress. We just loved it! (oh I wish I could have been the photographer at my own wedding!!).

* Makeup by Õnne Rudi – you are THE make-up artist!

* Toomkirik and Urmas Viilma – thank you for the beautiful ceremony. Also our musicians organist Piret Aidulo and Teet Raik on the trumpet.

* Kõltsu manor – utterly magical place in the autumn for a wedding party. Pille Kangur the Kõltsu hostess, it wouldn’t be the same without you!

* Helin-Mari Arder quartet – we simply didn’t imagine the nicer music for our wedding. It was a spot on in Kõltsu and we had such a great time.

* Carmen catering – the food and service is important. We were very satisfied in every way. Highly recommended.

* Flowers and bouquet were so marvellously done by Heljo Murd.

* Wedding cake – after trying out eight (8!!) different cakes we finally found our perfect one from Boulevard Cafe.

* Our driver and bodyguard were Rael’s twin brother Ruben. Without you the bride could have been stolen and we lost in the woods. Thank you!

* Kätlin Rost, you took care of many things during the day what we wouldn’t have made it without your help, thank you so much!

* Kätlin Kütt, thank you for organising a taylor-custom-made shirt for me from Sangar!

* Mari-Liis Lootus, thank you for taking care of the children at the party.

* All those amazing singers who participated in our ceremony and the party. Heart moving songs and performance made everything very special for us.

* And ALL our guests. You all made our day.

* Oh, almost forgot. Thank you, darling, for saying YES 🙂

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