Kätlin and Rasmus were married at Maardu manor close to Tallinn. I’ve been there before and probably only awesome couples are getting married there. This was my first rainy wedding day ever (that’s correct, my first, I managed to survive more than three years without the rain) and I must say we enjoyed it a lot. I so much liked everything about that day. The music – great gipsy band with Inga Kaare playing music without the words. Oh, the food and the hand made sweets late in the evening. Some great-great french sweets! Colourful and lovely people. And, Kätlin’s dress and Rasmus suit. Big applaud to the makers.

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Music credit: La Gitane – Inga Kaare, Peep Ojaveski & Tiit Born


Dress: Triin Kärblane & NYMF
Hair: Birke Pikkoja
Make-up: Aune Aasoja
Bouquet: Airelle
Band: GipsyMania & Inga Kaare