Tiia and Erik first met on the dancefloor in a party. On their second date Erik invited her to Lisbon / Portugal and their third date was already in Lisbon. And this is how their story moved into place. Looks so easy, right? It is.

Actually Tiia told me how Erik’s green eyes were the things what made her fall in love with him. They both love singing, they are singing in different choirs. I photographed Tiia with the Tartu Women’s Choir few years ago. Even their wedding was full of singing. Of course they love to hum all the time.

“Erik proposed me in one fancy restaurant. I had no idea about his intentions while I was focused on my ice cream. My heart beat like crazy when he fell on his knees” told Tiia. “His eyes are still full of shine, like the first time when we met. And we just click – we even like the same pizza, ice-cream or picking colours of the wedding invitations .” Erik told me how he love her smile, how she always makes him happy with her smile, she’s not greedy with it.

We had great time on the water. It was probably one of the most relaxing photo sessions for me at least as we were few hours on a rowing boat. In the evening I found one awesome location for some great portrait work.

Music credit: Nick Drake – Which Will

Photographer | Mait Jüriado from M&J Studios

Photographer’s assistant | Kairi-Marie Riigor


Võrratult ilusad pildid! Õnne värskele abielupaarile ja kiitust fotograafile!:)

Nii mõnus jälle! Selline lummavalt kaunis pruutpaar – nagu inimesed vanast ajast, hästi ilusad selged nöojooned.